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September 29, 2016

Why We Are Releasing a Free FireDrill Edition

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Our existing customers have joined our community and are actively contributing to it, It is an effort we work on to strengthen every day. But no community is built over night and as part of our mission to foster that community, we want to give value back to the Security industry.  So we recently released a Free Edition of our FireDrill platform, to bring our vision to the next stage.


Community is a curated network hub of individuals and organizations, sharing actionable tests, best practice mitigation strategies and report templates, available to our Enterprise customers and now available through our FireDrill Free Edition.


The Free edition doesn't have all the bells and whistles as our Enterprise version, lacking some richer report types, integrations, authentication features, larger deployment capabilites or core scenarios built from our research team, but it still provides a great deal of power for organizations or individuals to validate their own assumptions, with an emphasis on contributing to the industry at large.

Much like our enterprise version, FireDrill Free Edition allows users to deploy test points on devices, cloud instances or virtual machines and execute scenarios to orchestrate validating that their defensive capabilities are working as assumed. Users can design, test, and refine their own scenarios against the FireDrill platform and either verify basic security assumptions or move to challenge those security controls for their assumed capabilities.


We timed the release of our  FireDrill Free Version with the our GameOn! Security Challenge, an open call to the security community at large, encompassing both professional and aspiring members to help challenge our defenses using offensive scenarios. “Think Bad, Do Good” - Which is what we have on all the T-shirts and stickers we send to contestants of the Challenge. If contributing to the AttackIQ Community and gaining visibility by some of the world’s great security practitioners (check out our judges list) isn’t enough, we’re also awarding $15,000 in cash prizes for the top scenario submissions. There’s even a special $500 prize to be awarded for the top student submission.


So give FireDrill Free Edition a try. Kick the tires, explore the platform, try your hand at writing a scenario or two, engage with our enthusiastic community, and let us know what you think of the platform and the experience of building something that could be used to improved security across the industry.


Join the community and get access to the Free Edition of the FireDrill platform today by signing up for the GameOn! Security Challenge.  Join




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Co-Founder and CTO of AttackIQ

Stephan Chenette is a 20 year veteran of information security, servicing clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations as a pentester, security and risk consultant, solutions architect and head of research and development. He has presented at numerous conferences including RSA, Blackhat, ToorCon, BSides, CanSecWest, RECon, AusCERT, SecTor, SOURCE and PacSec.