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August 17, 2017

Offensive Defense

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Take a Strategic Pause – if what you are doing individually or as an industry, is still resulting in protection failures…why would you keep doing the same thing??? Many other industries take strategic pauses when too many accidents happen in the workplace. A time of both reflection and introspection…are our processes effective? Is the workforce adequately trained? Does the infrastructure have adequate operational safety controls? Can we effectively measure our gaps?


SecOps teams have incurred massive increases in operational tempo, not unlike those experienced by the military in times of war. In today’s cyber battlefield, the attacker’s weapons and training are in many cases superior to those of most corporate and government cyber defenders. The adversaries, whether nation-state or crime syndicates are using the force-multiplication of information dominance to continuously take and maintain the cyber initiative.


You bought your network. You fielded those applications that make money, save lives, or put rounds on target. You implemented security controls and hired the workforce to ensure your organization’s continuity of business operations… take back the initiative from the attackers!


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About the Author

Carl Wright, is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with experience in the security, storage, virtualization, and software sectors.