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Open Source Vulnerability Management

Last week I covered the licensing implications of open-source software (OSS). There is another critical aspect of open source that we need to be vigilant of, and that is vulnerability management. Unlike commercial software, where critical fixes are made available and pushed to the enterprise, the users of open-source software are responsible for keeping track of vulnerabilities and updating relevant components as soon as new fixes are released.

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MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations Of Cyber Security Products

Like many of you, I was excited to see the Mitre Evaluations posted. I quickly navigated to attackevals.mitre.org and started to click on the cards to check out how the different security vendors fared. I expected to see different areas of the Mitre ATT&CK matrix light up based on the detection by a given security vendor. To my surprise, the matrix looked the same for all of the vendor cards. On further reflection, I realized that this is to be expected, as the ATT&CK matrix displayed the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) exercised by the APT3 group, and, obviously, the same emulation was run on all the different vendor products.

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The Evolution Of Malware Fileless Exploits

I may be showing my age as I recall the days when malware was primarily spread by depositing infected files on a computer system. This spawned the antivirus software industry, whose basic technique was to scan your disks and sniff around your system for files containing signatures identifying them as malicious entities. Analogous to our living world, antivirus software became the predators hunting down malware like prey before they could cause lasting damage to our systems, our networks, our companies, and even our countries.  

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