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AttackIQ started with a simple realization. Organizations invest heavily in security technologies. But no one knows whether or not these systems are actually working. We set out to solve that problem.

Our Story

AttackIQ was founded in 2013 by a team of experts with years of experience working in security consulting, penetration testing, threat research, attack modeling, product development and related services. We began by asking ourselves: How can we apply this knowledge to help find the blind spots? How can we help organizations of any size actually measure the effectiveness of security programs, then take action to make things better?

Now, we’ve built a platform that gives you complete awareness into the effectiveness of security tools individually, and into the program as a whole. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your security investments so you can mitigate risk and improve ROI. You can stop making assumptions and start being certain.

Message from the CEO

“For too long security has been a guessing game. It’s time for security testing to catch up to our needs as an industry and allow for constant, safe and cost effective scenario creation that continuously holds security vendors and teams accountable.”

– Stephan Chenette, President and CEO


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