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5/29/2019 AiThority AttackIQ Secures $17.6 Million in Series B Financing N/A Learn More
5/29/2019 San Diego Business Journal Cybersecurity Startup AttackIQ Raises $17.6M in Funding N/A Learn More
5/29/2019 SecurityWeek AttackIQ Raises $17.6 Million in Series B Funding Round N/A Learn More
5/29/2019 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 29 May 2019 N/A Learn More
5/29/2019 VentureBeat AttackIQ raises $17.6 million for continuous enterprise security monitoring N/A Learn More
5/29/2019 Finsmes AttackIQ Raises $17.6M in Series B Financing N/A Learn More
5/9/2019 BoaNews.com Security should not be 'democratization' anymore Staff Learn More
5/3/2019 Globest San Diego Sees Another Record-Breaking Quarter of Tech Investment Kelsi Maree Borland Learn More
5/3/2019 Daily Secu AttackIQ Vice President, "Cyber security toolchain needs to evaluate and improve efficiency 길민권 기자 Learn More
5/1/2019 CSO Online Why Local Governments are a Hot Target for Cyberattacks Cynthia Brumfield Learn More
4/23/2019 CSO Online Top 10 global cybersecurity hubs for 2019 James A. Martin Learn More
4/5/2019 ESG Global The Case for Continuous Automated Security Validation (CASV) John Olstik Learn More
4/5/2019 CSO Online The case for continuous automated security validation John Oltsik Learn More
3/15/2019 Verdict (UK) Gearbest data breach “easily” preventable as 1.5 million shoppers affected Lucy Ingham Learn More
3/15/2019 Information Security Buzz Gearbest Misconfiguration Exposes 1.5M Records Security Experts Learn More
3/6/2019 MSSP Alert RSA Conference 2019 and MSSP Cybersecurity News: 06 March 2019 Joe Panettieri Learn More
3/6/2019 The Cyber Wire Daily briefing. Staff Learn More
3/5/2019 SecurityWeek BlackBerry Cylance Unveils Behavioral Analytics Solution Eduard Kovacs Learn More
3/1/2019 Credit Union Times 2.4 Million Dow Jones High-Risk Watchlist Clients Exposed Roy Urrico Learn More
3/1/2019 Executive Biz Former DISA CTO David Mihelcic Joins AttackIQ Advisory Board Brenda Marie Rivers Learn More
3/1/2019 IT Wire Dow Jones Watchlist database found exposed online Sam Varghese Learn More
2/28/2019 Digital Journal Experts weigh in on Dow Jones proprietary info data leak Tim Sandle Learn More
2/28/2019 SC Magazine Dow Jones database holding 2.4 million records of politically exposed persons Doug Olenick Learn More
2/28/2019 Information Security Buzz Dow Jones Loses Proprietary Info In Massive Data Leak Security Experts Learn More
2/28/2019 SecurityWeek Dow Jones Watchlist Found Exposed to Open Internet Kevin Townsend Learn More
2/27/2019 SiliconANGLE Dow Jones exposes 2.4M sensitive customer records on misconfigured AWS server Duncan Riley Learn More
2/16/2019 Digital Journal Q&A: How to respond to the latest big data breach? Tim Sandle Learn More
2/15/2019 PaymentsSource PayThink New development tools pose a new data breach threat Carl Wright Learn More
2/14/2019 Credit Union Times Seafood Restaurant Cards Possibly Hooked by Hackers Roy Urrico Learn More
2/13/2019 International Business Times India Hackers dump sensitive info from 617 million accounts: Dubsmash, 15 other sites exposed Sami Khan Learn More
2/12/2019 SC Magazine Report: Details on 617 million user accounts up for sale on dark web Bradley Barth Learn More
2/11/2019 Channel Impact AttackIQ Announces Global Channel Program Laura Bergersen Learn More
2/11/2019 Channel Impact Monday Morning Impact – February 11 Laura Bergersen Learn More
2/8/2019 Channel Partners Online New, Changing Channel Programs: Avaya, Intelisys, More James Anderson Learn More
2/6/2019 Channel Vision Magazine AttackIQ Announces Global Channel Program Gerald Baldino Learn More
2/4/2019 DICE After Fed Government Shutdown, Time to Rethink Your IT Security Scott Ferguson Learn More
2/1/2019 SearchITChannel Userful taps partners to manage digital signage systems John Moore and Spencer Smith Learn More
2/1/2019 CIO Application Leading BAS Vendors Providing High-end Security CIO Applications Learn More
1/31/2019 Information Security Buzz News Experts Reaction On State Bank Of India Exposes Millions Of Customers’ Data….More Leaks Trading On The Dark Web Security Experts Learn More
1/31/2019 Security Week State Bank of India Leaves Millions of Customer Messages Exposed Kevin Townsend Learn More
1/31/2019 Enterprise Security Leading BAS Vendors Providing High-end Security Enterprise Security Magazine Learn More
1/30/2019 MSSP Alert Managed Security Service Provier (MSSP) News: 30 January 2019 Joe Panettieri Learn More
1/30/2019 The Cyber Wire Daily Briefing The CyberWire Staff Learn More
1/29/2019 VMBlog.com AttackIQ Announces Global "Accelerate" Channel Program David Marshall Learn More
1/29/2019 Channel Partners Online AttackIQ Debuts New Accelerate Channel Program Edward Gately Learn More
1/29/2019 Journal of Cyber Policy ATTACKIQ ANNOUNCES GLOBAL “ACCELERATE” CHANNEL PROGRAM Hugh Taylor Learn More
1/28/2019 CRN Cyber Security Startup AttackIQ Launches Partner Program With Guaranteed Margins Michael Novinson Learn More
1/28/2019 Journal of Cyber Policy ATTACKIQ TAPS VINOD PERIS AS VICE PRESIDENT OF ENGINEERING Hugh Taylor Learn More
1/25/2019 The Cyber Wire Christopher Kennedy Joins AttackIQ as CISO and Vice President of Customer Success The CyberWire Staff Learn More
1/25/2019 San Diego Metro Magazine Daily Business Report-Jan. 25, 2019 SD Metro Magazine Staff Learn More
1/25/2019 Executive Biz Northrop Vet Christopher Kennedy Named AttackIQ CISO Nichols Martin Learn More
1/24/2019 San Diego Business Journal Cybersecurity Startup AttackIQ Hires Two Executives Elise Reuter Learn More
1/22/2019 Information Security Buzz News 108M Records Exposed via Misconfigured ElasticSearch Server Security Experts Learn More
1/21/2019 SiliconANGLE 108M online casino customer records exposed in latest case of misconfigured database Duncan Riley Learn More
1/21/2019 Solutions Review 4 Expert Perspectives on the Collection #1 Data Breach Ben Canner Learn More
1/18/2019 SearchSecurity - TechTarget Collection #1 breach data includes 773 million unique emails Michael Heller Learn More
1/18/2019 Credit Union Times The MEGA Breach Lottery Jackpot: 773 Million Records Roy Urrico Learn More
1/18/2019 Information Security Buzz News Voipo Misconfiguration Security Experts Learn More
1/17/2019 SiliconANGLE VOIPo database exposes millions of call logs and text messages online Duncan Riley Learn More
1/17/2019 Latest Hacking News VOIPO Data Leak – Unprotected Server Left Calls Logs/SMS Exposed Abeerah Hashim Learn More
1/17/2019 SC Magazine Voipo database exposed millions of call logs and personal data Robert Abel Learn More
1/17/2019 InfoSecurity Magazine VOIPo Left 7 Million Logs Unencrytped with No Passwords Kacy Zurkus Learn More
1/17/2019 Information Security Buzz News Oklahoma Securities Commission Data Breach Security Experts Learn More
1/17/2019 Solutions Review Experts Weigh In: The Oklahoma Securities Commission Breach Ben Canner Learn More
1/16/2019 Threatpost VOIPO Database Exposes Millions of Texts, Call Logs Lindsey O'Donnell Learn More
1/15/2019 VMblog.com AttackIQ 2019 Predictions: Data Privacy Regulations, Convergence of Threat and Risk Teams and Cloud Misconfigurations Stephan Chenette Learn More
1/8/2019 CSO Online Best security software, 2019: Lab-tested reviews of today's top tools John Breeden II Learn More
1/8/2019 CSO Online Review: AttackIQ FireDrill watches the watchers John Breeden II Learn More
1/8/2019 Information Management Three top trends that will impact cyber security strategies in 2019 Stephan Chenette Learn More
1/7/2019 CIO Dive Marriott's data breach hits fewer records than predicted, but brand is bruised Samantha Ann Schwartz Learn More
1/3/2019 Aite Group Top 10 Trends in Cybersecurity, 2019: User Experience and Machine Learning Alissa Knight Learn More
12/27/2018 ThinkAdvisor Scams Continue in Year of 1,000 Data Breaches Roy Urrico Learn More
12/26/2018 Security Today A Look into 2019: Cyber Threat Trends N/A Learn More
12/24/2018 Information Age Prepare for the new royal wedding of IT: AI and cyber security Michael Baxter Learn More
12/21/2018 Credit Union Times Credit Unions Should Worry About Another NASA Breach Roy Urrico Learn More
12/21/2018 Information Security Buzz News Chinese Hackers Behind Global Hacking Campaign Security Experts Learn More
12/21/2018 SearchSecurity - TechTarget DOJ indicts two Chinese nationals for APT10 group cyberattacks Michael Heller Learn More
12/21/2018 SecurityWeek Industry Reactions to U.S. Charging APT10 Hackers: Feedback Friday Eduard Kovacs Learn More
12/20/2018 Information Security Buzz News Houston We Have A Problem: NASA Suffers Data Breach Security Experts Learn More
12/20/2018 Latest Hacking News NASA Confirmed Data Breach After an Internal Server Was Hacked Abeerah Hashim Learn More
12/20/2018 SearchSecurity - TechTarget NASA data breach included employee Social Security numbers Michael Heller Learn More
12/20/2018 SiliconANGLE Justice Department indicts two Chinese nationals over global hacking campaign Duncan Riley Learn More
12/20/2018 Solutions Review Security Experts Weigh In: The Recent NASA Data Breach Ben Canner Learn More
12/19/2018 SiliconANGLE NASA reveals employee data stolen in October hack Duncan Riley Learn More
12/18/2018 Fortune Data Sheet—Are the First Customers of 5G the Winners or Losers? Aaron Pressman Learn More
12/14/2018 SC Magazine Report: Boomoji app developer leaves customer data exposed on open database Bradley Barth Learn More
12/14/2018 Verdict (UK) Boomoji data leak leaves 125 million exposed, highlighting need for proactive approach to cybersecurity Lucy Ingham Learn More
12/13/2018 eSecurity Planet 11 Top Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Vendors Cynthia Harvey Learn More
12/13/2018 eSecurity Planet AttackIQ: BAS Product Overview and Insight Cynthia Harvey Learn More
12/12/2018 CUToday.info As Breach Costs Rise, A Look At What To Prepare For In 2019 The Chertoff Group Learn More
12/11/2018 Bank Info Security Fresh Google+ Bug Exposed 52.2 Million Users' Data Jeremy Kirk Learn More
12/11/2018 SearchSecurity - TechTarget Second Google+ data exposure leads to earlier service shutdown Michael Heller Learn More
12/11/2018 Verdict (UK) Second Google+ breach sees data of 52.5 million users exposed Lucy Ingham Learn More
12/10/2018 SC Magazine Second Google+ bug hastens shutdown Teri Robinson Learn More
12/6/2018 Solutions Review Security Experts Weigh In: The Major Digital Threats of 2019 Ben Canner Learn More
12/5/2018 CIO Dive More than passwords: Quora breach highlights risks of third-party authentication Alex Hickey Learn More
12/5/2018 Credit Union Times 100 Million Quora Customers Hit By Data Breach Roy Urrico Learn More
12/5/2018 Information Security Buzz News Industry Leaders Reaction On Quora Breach Security Experts Learn More
12/5/2018 InfoSecurity Magazine Magecart Delivers Malware to 1-800-FLOWERS Kacy Zurkus Learn More
12/3/2018 Information Security Buzz Industry Leaders Reaction On Marriott Data Breach Exposing 500M Customers Security Experts Learn More
11/26/2018 Retail Dive Amazon stays quiet on cybersecurity breach Daphne Howland Learn More
11/26/2018 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 26 November 2018 Joe Panettieri Learn More
11/22/2018 San Diego Business Journal AttackIQ Names New CEO Elise Reuter Learn More
11/21/2018 SC Magazine Amazon website glitch exposes customer data Bradley Barth Learn More
11/21/2018 SiliconANGLE Amazon blames ‘technical issue’ for exposing customer names and email addresses Duncan Riley Learn More
11/21/2018 SD Metro Magazine Daily Business Report-Nov. 21, 2018 SD Metro Magazine Staff Learn More
11/21/2018 The Cyber Wire The daily briefing. The Cyber Wire Staff Learn More
11/20/2018 Xconomy Cybersecurity Startup AttackIQ Hires New, Bay Area-Based CEO Sarah de Crescenzo Learn More
10/4/2018 Venture Nashville Connections Entrepreneur Gordon preps Cloud Range Cyber + Nashville Cyber Range Milt Capps Learn More
10/3/2018 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 03 October 2018 Joe Panettieri Learn More
10/1/2018 SC Magazine AttackIQ Firedrill Matthew Hreben & Michael Diehl Learn More
10/1/2018 Xconomy 10 San Diego Startups to Compete at Region’s Top Pitch Competition Sarah de Crescenzo Learn More
9/18/2018 GovTech Popular Government Payment Solution Exposes 14M Records THEO DOUGLAS Learn More
8/20/2018 Forbes Tech Council How Will California's Consumer Privacy Law Impact The Data Privacy Landscape? Forbes Tech Council Learn More
8/19/2018 San Diego Business Journal AttackIQ Closes $5.5M Financing Round Sarah de Crescenzo Learn More
8/14/2018 San Diego Business Journal Cybersecurity Startup AttackIQ Raises $5.5M in Salesforce Ventures-Led Deal Sarah de Crescenzo Learn More
8/8/2018 eSecurity Planet Breach and Attack Simulation: Find Vulnerabilities before the Bad Guys Do Cynthia Harvey Learn More
8/1/2018 Security Guy Video Pre-Black Hat Video interview - played at Black Hat Played during event AT BLACK HAT
7/11/2018 Property Casualty 360 Breaches abound: 3 factors that increase identity theft risk PAY WALL PAY WALL
7/1/2018 Legal Tech News PAY WALL PAY WALL PAY WALL
6/29/2018 SC Media UK Exactis breach exposes 340m records, may compel GDPR-like regulation in US Teri Robinson Learn More
6/29/2018 Security Week Massive Breach at Data Broker Exactis Exposes Millions of Americans Kevin Townsend Learn More
6/29/2018 MarketWatch What is Exactis- and how could it have leaked the data of nearly every American? Kari Paul Learn More
6/29/2018 Press From What is Exactis--and how could it have leaked the data of nearly every American? Learn More
6/28/2018 SC Media Exactis breach exposes 340M records, may compel GDPR- like reg in U.S. Teri Robinson Learn More
6/28/2018 Morning Star What is Exactis--and how could it have the data of nearly every American? Learn More
6/27/2018 SiliconANGLE Marketing firm exposes 340M records via misconfigured cloud storage Duncan Riley Learn More
6/8/2018 CSO Rethinking security Frederick Scholl Learn More
6/6/2018 VM Blog AttackIQ Adds Cyber Hunt Exercise Module to FireDrill Platform, Built on the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix David Marshall Learn More
6/6/2018 eSecurity Planet Gartner Security Summit: Enterprises, Vendors Respond to Cybercriminals Paul Shread Learn More
4/12/2018 CSO Online 4 open-source Mitre ATT&CK test tools compared David Strom Learn More
4/3/2018 CSO Online What is Mitre's ATT&CK framework? What red teams need to know David Strom Learn More
3/20/2018 SiliconANGLE Expedia-owned Orbitz hacked and 880,000 customer records likely stolen Duncan Riley Learn More
3/20/2018 HackRead Hackers steal banking & personal data of 800,000 Orbitz customers Waqas Learn More
3/15/2018 SiliconANGLE St. Louis hospital operator the latest to expose data via misconfigured cloud storage Duncan Riley Learn More
3/9/2018 MSSP Alert Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 08 March 2018 Joe Panettieri Learn More
3/9/2018 4-traders Mitek : Top 10 sparkling startups in San Diego Staff Learn More
3/7/2018 VMblog.com AttackIQ and NaviLogic Partner to Bring Continuous Validation and Attack Simulation to Customers David Marshall Learn More
2/28/2018 USA Weekly Interview with Stephan Chenette, CEO and Co-Founder at AttackIQ Staff Learn More
2/27/2018 ITBusinessEdge Equifax Breach Findings Show Why We Need GDPR Sue Marquette Poremba Learn More
2/26/2018 Information Security Buzz L.A. Times Website Injected with Cryptocurrency Mining Script Security Experts Learn More
2/26/2018 Infosec Magazine LA Times Hit with Crypto-Mining Software Tara Seals Learn More
2/16/2018 MSSP Alert FedEx exposes confidential customer data via misconfigured AWS storage Dan Kobialka Learn More
2/15/2018 Silicon Angle FedEx exposes confidential customer data via misconfigured AWS storage Duncan Riley Learn More
1/23/2018 Data Center Knowledge Spectre, Meltdown Hit On-Prem Windows Servers Hardest Maria Korolov Learn More
1/4/2018 SiliconANGLE Here’s what enterprises should do to prepare for Meltdown and Spectre attacks DUNCAN RILEY Learn More
12/22/2017 SC Media Whew! Did all that just happen? Teri Robinson Learn More
12/19/2017 FedTech Federal Data Breach Highlights the Importance of Cloud Security Phil Goldstein Learn More
12/15/2017 SC Media Millions of California voter records exposed in unprotected MongoDB Doug Olenick Learn More
12/12/2017 MSSP Alert Report: MoneyTaker Hackers Stole $10 Million from U.S., Russia Banks Using Stealthy Malware DH Kass Learn More
12/12/2017 Information Security Buzz Russian Bank Hack Staff Learn More
12/11/2017 Silicon Angle Newly discovered Russian hacking group steals $10M+ from banks Duncan Riley Learn More
12/8/2017 CMS Wire 11 Tips to Prevent Customer Data Breaches Dom Nicastro Learn More
11/30/2017 TechTarget - SearchSecuirty NSA data leak exposed Army INSCOM project information Michael Heller Learn More
11/29/2017 eSecurity Planet Cloud Security Fail: Classified U.S. Military Data Exposed in Amazon S3 Bucket Jeff Goldman Learn More
11/29/2017 ChannelFutures Security Central: Car-astrophe Wrecks Uber Allison Francis Learn More
11/29/2017 Information Security Buzz Uber Hack Staff Learn More
11/28/2017 SiliconANGLE Top-secret spy data exposed on misconfigured Amazon cloud instance Duncan Riley Learn More
11/28/2017 SC Magazine Unsecured AWS server exposed classified military intel Teri Robinson Learn More
11/27/2017 DZone Executive Insights on the Uber Hack Tom Smith Learn More
11/27/2017 GCN MITRE's ATT&CK finds a home in the cybersecurity community Matt Leonard Learn More
11/22/2017 Security Now Security Executives Respond to Uber Breach News Curtis Franklin Learn More
11/22/2017 Fox News Uber slammed by security experts over data breach that exposed data on 57 million customers James Rogers Learn More
11/21/2017 SiliconANGLE Uber fires chief security officer over cover-up of hack involving 57M customer records Duncan Riley Learn More
11/21/2017 Bleeping Computer Uber Supposedly Paid Hackers $100,000 to Keep Quiet About a 2016 Data Breach Catalin Cimpanu Learn More
11/20/2017 Information Security Buzz Uber Hack Staff Learn More
11/20/2017 IT Technology Group Uber Supposedly Paid Hackers $100,000 to Keep Quiet About a 2016 Data Breach Catalin Cimpanu Learn More
11/19/2017 SiliconANGLE Defense Department contractor leaves spying program data exposed on AWS cloud Duncan Riley Learn More
11/6/2017 MSSP Alert ONI Attacks: How Should MSSPs Handle Wipers, Ransomware or both? N/A Learn More
11/4/2017 HackerCombat The New Member of the Ransomware family Black-Rabbit Strikes Japan Julia Sowells Learn More
11/1/2017 SiliconAngle New form of ransomware used to hide previous hacking campaign Duncan Riley Learn More
11/1/2017 Tech Bullets New Form Of Ransomware Used To Hide Previous Hacking Campaign Duncan Riley Learn More
11/1/2017 Information Security Buzz ONI Ransomware Staff Learn More
11/1/2017 InfoSecurity Magazine The Devil Targets Japan with Bad Rabbit-like Wiper-Ransomware Tara Seals Learn More
10/31/2017 MSPMentor.com Security Report: Median Price for DIY Ransomware Kit is $10.50 Aldrin Brown Learn More
10/30/2017 IT Business Edge AttackIQ Enhances Cybersecurity Attack Simulation Platform Mike Vizard Learn More
10/27/2017 Help Net Security New infosec products of the week​: October 27, 2017 Mirko Zorz Learn More
10/25/2017 4-Trader Mitek : Top 10 sparkling startups in San Diego N/A Learn More
10/5/2017 Information Security Buzz Yahoo Breach Hit 3 Billion Records Staff Learn More
10/5/2017 TechTarget Yahoo data breach found to affect all 3 billion users Michael Heller Learn More
10/4/2017 CISO Mag All 3 billion Yahoo accounts hacked in 2013 data breach, says Verizon Staff Learn More
10/4/2017 Hack Read All 3 Billion Yahoo Users Were Hacked in 2013 Data Breach Uzair Amir Learn More
10/4/2017 Help Net Security The 2013 Yahoo breach affected all 3 billion of its users Zeljka Zorz Learn More
10/4/2017 SC Magazine Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts compromised in breach Teri Robinson Learn More
8/17/2017 Bloomberg AttackIQ Appoints of Carl Wright as Chief Revenue Officer N/A Learn More
8/17/2017 San Diego Business Journal Carl Wright Joins AttackIQ BRAD GRAVES Learn More