Hot in 2021—Uniting Risk and Threat Management

This past year brought a unique set of challenges. The global pandemic forced rapid shifts to remote work and tightening IT budgets, while ransomware and cyberattacks escalated. The most recent SolarWinds supply chain attack on U.S. government agencies and private companies shows why a proactive approach to cybersecurity is so important.

Yet, staying abreast of attacker behavior can’t be done in a silo. It takes a collaborative approach inside the security and risk organizations to continuously learn about new adversaries and evolve defenses appropriately.

In this special fireside chat, Lewis Honour, Global Head of Red Teams, Application Security & Architecture, Bupa, and Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer, AttackIQ, will discuss:

  • The top considerations for risk and threat management
  • How to operationalize proactive security management–or what is commonly referred to as threat-informed defense
  • How NIST mapping with the MITRE ATT&CK framework can change the game for red, blue, and white teams
  • How practitioners can automate security validation to continuously test adversarial behavior