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              AttackIQ Networks Opportunity Registration Terms and Conditions
              The AttackIQ Opportunity Registration is a program designed to enable authorized AttackIQ partners who uncover sales opportunities for AttackIQ solutions to receive exclusive pricing and discounts on qualifying transactions. Criteria for a successful opportunity registration include, that the submitting partner present AttackIQ as the preferred solution to the customer and that they have an established relationship with the end user.

              By clicking the "Register Your Opportunity" button below you agree to the AttackIQ Opportunity Registration Program’s terms and conditions
              Opportunity Registrations are valid for 90 days from the date the registration is approved.
              Extensions are at the discretion of AttackIQ and must be approved in writing Partners may only register opportunities within the territory they are authorized to operate in. If an exception is granted, it must be in writing from the AttackIQ VP of Global Channels.

              Within 30 days of a registration being approved, partners will be required to introduce an AttackIQ sales representative to the end customer.
              It is the expectation of AttackIQ that the reseller will only present AttackIQ as the Continuous Security Validation vendor for that specific opportunity.
              If it is determined that other competing products are presented to the customer, AttackIQ reserves the right to rescind the registration the approval and any non standard discounts or pricing.

              AttackIQ will grant exclusive registrations for RFPs if a partner was specifically involved in the creation of the RFP and was fundamental in getting AttackIQ approved for purchase. If an opportunity is being registered in response to a general RFP, AttackIQ reserves the right to grant multiple partners with similar pricing approval.
              AttackIQ reserves the right to market and sell to any potential customer in which an opportunity was either disqualified, lost or an opportunity registration is revoked based on non-compliance to the terms of the registration. Either a Referral Partner Agreement or Reseller Agreement must be in place at the time of registration.