Network Control Validation Module (NCV)

In order to serve customers effectively, automated security control validation platforms need to keep pace with both adversary attack patterns and advanced cybersecurity technologies.

On this basis, AttackIQ has launched its Network-Control-Validation Module to help customers better validate their advanced network security technologies. The Network Control Validation Module supports end-to-end validation of network-deployed security controls and gives technology-specific remediation guidance, ensuring that customers get the most out of their cyberdefense investments.

No matter the defense technology type – including those based on complex, behavioral models – AttackIQ now provides unique insights into the state of a customer’s total security program from network to endpoint, on-premises or in the cloud. And it does so with industry-leading ease of use.

How does the Network Control Validation module help customers do this?

Using already-deployed AttackIQ test points on the network, AttackIQ’s Network Control Validation module evaluates the performance of network-deployed security controls with prescriptive guidance to maximize customers’ investments in next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and similar technologies. The Network Control Validation module allows customers to replay traffic using packet capture (PCAP) reply between an attacking asset and target asset to determine whether the in-line security controls detect and prevent the attack. It then provides clear mitigation recommendation options for customers to improve their security posture.

Customers who use next-generation firewalls and other AI and ML-based defense technologies can operate with increased confidence in their program effectiveness, knowing that they are testing their most advanced cyberdefenses against comprehensive emulations. The outcome is an increase in defense capability and performance.

Better Insights, Better Decisions, Real Security Outcomes