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New Security Controls Report

Gain immediate, real-time insight into your existing enterprise’s security posture to make tactical & strategic decisions


You’ve accepted the CISO position at a leading company. Congrats. But what kind of a situation have you just walked into? Are the people, processes and technologies of your security team operating efficiently, working together, or working at all? Are you screwed? How do you plan to prioritize what you do first or even next?


On day one, you need complete visibility into the status, effectiveness and readiness of your security controls. With AttackIQ, you have comprehensive insight immediately. The AttackIQ platform allows you to setup test points on any MacOS, Windows, or Linux instance and run attack scenarios – on demand, and continuously – to validate whether your systems will respond as intended.

The New CISO Report gives you a clear picture of your control coverage and effectiveness. It highlights current risk areas within your security program, and authenticates the systems that are operating correctly. You’ll have a clear breakdown of efficacy by technology type, including effectiveness metrics for firewall, antivirus, endpoint protection, content filtering and more.


Using AttackIQ, you’ll have immediate, accurate, comprehensive insight into the effectiveness of the security program you’re about to lead. You’ll know where the blind spots are, what systems are redundant, and what vulnerabilities need to be repaired. That’s just day one. When you take advantage of AttackIQ’s continuous security validation, you’ll be able to transition the team to a posture of offensive defense.


  • Understand current status of your security program immediately
  • Gain insight into current effectiveness of security controls
  • Understand readiness and vulnerabilities in response to common attack vectors
  • Prioritize efforts to improve team’s efficacy
  • Identify vulnerabilities and redundancies in security products and processes
  • Utilize continuous validation to establish an offensive defense

Next Steps

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