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AttackIQ Secures $17.6 Million in Series B Financing

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"In this era of incredibly complex networking where everything is a unique environment, AttackIQ can help ensure that the best defenses are in place and operating at maximum efficiency."



Watch this webinar featuring Frank Duff, Cybersecurity Engineer for the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and other security experts discuss how to get started validating your security controls.


Enterprise Strategy Group

“Using AttackIQ’s continuous validation methodology, organizations can assess current toolchain effectiveness and can easily identify regressions and track improvements over time.”
- Enterprise Strategy Group

“The recent AttackIQ and BlackBerry Cylance partnership is going to provide tremendous value to our customers and the security community as a whole,” said Chris Coulter, vice president of technology at BlackBerry Cylance. “AttackIQ's platform is now enriched to provide users with targeted awareness around products, configurations, and feature sets, ensuring attack-prevention effectiveness. We are also excited that our experts responsible for the award-winning ThreatVector blog have new avenues of spreading situational awareness derived from their continuous threat research efforts, all in an easy-to-use autonomous tool.”

– Chris Coulter, vice president of technology at BlackBerry Cylance

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Chief Security Officer

AttackIQ Impact Reports give you a real time snapshot of your overall security posture as compared against MITRE ATT&CK Matrix.

Security Analyst

Build and run attack scenarios that imitate real pervasive threats then measure your response

Security Red Team Engineer

Continuous validation against common attack vectors can finally enable the blue team to catch up with the red team

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Key Benefits

Quantifies your current security posture to validate or test assumptions

Provides real-time reporting to enable data-driven decisions

Enables you to baseline and consistently improve your security posture

Powered by AttackIQ Research Team and Trusted Community Circles

AttackIQ Platform Features

The AttackIQ platform enables you to identify how individual assets in your security program respond to specific attacks. It’s intuitive to use, requires minimal onboarding, and it integrates with the security technologies you currently have in place.

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Customizable scenarios that mimic real-world threats

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Detailed reports to justify security investment

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Seamless integration into existing infrastructure

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Immediate feedback on how your tools respond to threats

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Insight from a community of security professionals

Use Cases

AttackIQ is a central, scalable platform that delivers value to each member of the security team, from the analyst at the front lines to the CISO and C-suite. Providing the industry's first repeatable attack simulation framework, AttackIQ has partnered with MITRE to help organizations test their security controls against adversary techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs).