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Automated Query Engine: Full scenario coverage, no need to write queries

Our latest Integrations update includes a new approach which makes it easy for FireDrill customers to enable detection of scenario executions. A smart query feature for all FireDrill integrations.

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Enterprise security teams are faced with a growing problem. Advanced adversaries are winning the war, stealing data at will and wreaking havoc on corporate networks.

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AttackIQ New Product Feature - Cyber Hunt Exercise Module

AttackIQ is pleased to announce the release of our Cyber Hunt Exercise Module; a new workflow within FireDrill that enables customers to validate and measure the detection and response capabilities of their Detection Analysts.

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Application Whitelist Bypass

Application whitelisting is a common technique used to prevent execution of unknown or potentially malicious applications. However, this technique can be bypassed if not implemented correctly.

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Bypassing UAC using Registry Keys
User Account Control (UAC) is a Windows feature that helps to prevent unauthorized changes to the system.

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Offensive Defense


The massive escalation of cyber-attacks and subsequent continued successful breaches necessitates that security professionals take a strategic pause. Current cyber defensive operations continue to suffer from protection failures and missed attacker incursions resulting in significant economic loss and/or degradation of capabilities.

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How the Experian Data Breach Case Might Change the Protection of Breach Investigation Reports

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Automating the Extraction of WannaCry IOCs
Friday morning, UTC+1:00. Rumor has it that employees from a big Telecom company in Spain are heading back home. Company loudspeaker recordings and internal emails start being disclosed on the Internet where employees are being told to shut down all the computers immediately.

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