“Cybersecurity enables and ensures the business’s uninterrupted functioning and allows it to take advantage of new innovative technologies to better serve customers.”

Virginia Gambale
Board member at JetBlue and Nutanix and founding member of AttackIQ Informed Defenders Council

Achieve cyber excellence with a threat-informed defense.

Move from a reactive to proactive security program that is truly strategic. Automate how you validate and assess controls, then unite red, blue, and risk teams to share intelligence. By operationalizing a purple team culture, you get the power of a threat mindset–constant learning and improved program effectiveness.

Lessons Learned: The Journey To Becoming A “Threat-Informed Defense” Organization

Fireside chat with Marlys Rodgers, CISO and Head of Technology Oversight at CSAA Insurance Group, and Julie O’Brien, CMO at AttackIQ

How do you operationalize the concept of “cyber excellence” in your organization and move your program from being reactive only to both proactive and preventative? Learn how to evolve your technology stack, team structure, and processes to better understand and share threat intelligence, then act on it. In this fireside chat with Marlys Rodgers, CISO of CSAA Insurance Group, you will learn how her team moved from a defensive to offensive and strategic cybersecurity program.

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