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AttackIQ gives customers the most consistent, trusted, and safest way to test and validate security controls at scale and in production. While competitors test in sandboxes, AttackIQ tests in production across the entire kill chain, the same as real-world adversaries do.

AttackIQ can make every system in your networks and clouds a test point for the platform. We do this at scale, in your production environment, building connections to your controls and visibility platforms to capture evidence.

Scenarios test your controls, validating their presence and posture using the same behaviors the adversary employs so you can be confident your program works as you intended.

The AttackIQ platform provides a variety of insights for technical operators and executives alike. No longer is your security program a “black box” or managed by wishful thinking, AttackIQ produces threat-informed knowledge in reports and dashboards on a continuous basis.

Safe to Run on Production

Our lightweight agents and architecture make it possible, without a PhD or unintended exposure to the adversary. Be up and running in days, not months, with our superior SaaS approach.

Deep Scenario Library

AttackIQ houses the largest MITRE ATT&CK-aligned library of known adversary behaviors. Extend the foundation easily with the platform’s API-first approach to create your own scenarios.

Incredibly Intuitive

Upgrade your insight into the performance of your defenses in a beautiful, responsive SaaS interface designed for maximum signal-to-noise. Stop drowning in a “sea of red.”

Even the most advanced cyberdefense capabilities need to be constantly tested and validated for effectiveness. AttackIQ is the only platform featuring the Anatomic Engine, designed from the ground-up to test ML/AI-based cybersecurity technologies.

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The Anatomic Engine makes it easy for operators to recreate and evoke complex, multi-stage adversary campaigns across modern hybrid clouds.

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AttackIQ’s Network Control Validation module supports end-to-end validation of network-deployed security controls and supports defenders with specific remediation guidance, ensuring that organizations get the most out of their cyberdefense investments.

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AttackIQ Platform Features


Aggregate results from multiple assessments, and offer a fast way to gain insights by MITRE ATT&CK, security control, and asset groups mapped to specific adversary behaviors.


Created from a rich library or from scratch. Allow you to rapidly execute scenarios across the kill chain. Can be scheduled for continuous awareness of your defensive posture.


Tests are the components of an assessment that evaluate your defensive performance for a specific objective against a multi-faceted adversary campaign.


Code-based compilations of adversary behavior built into the AttackIQ platform. Our library includes thousands of scenarios or you can create your own to capture a specific TTP.


Easy to generate and offer rapid insight into the details of a specific assessment, and can reflect on security control changes over time, in a specific location or enterprise-wide.


Clear recommendations are generated to help users make rapid security posture.


Rapidly acquire the evidence of security control functions both directly from the security technology, as well as from the visibility platforms, like SIEMs and log managers.


Systems with the AttackIQ agent that can execute scenarios and tests. The platform supports common versions of operating systems in use today, with a small footprint.

Pre-configured Agents

Immediately communicate with the platform without any additional configuration required. Set up once and deploy everywhere.

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Security Control Optimization Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK

Are your security controls optimized for success? Tune in to our on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts about how to gain visibility into your security controls and ensure your program is not only effective but efficient.

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