Better insights, better decisions, real security outcomes.

AttackIQ gives customers the most consistent, trusted, and safest way to test and validate security controls at scale and in production. While competitors test in sandboxes, AttackIQ tests in production across the entire kill chain, the same as real-world adversaries do.

AttackIQ can make every system in your networks and clouds a test point for the platform. We do this at scale, in your production environment, building connections to your controls and visibility platforms to capture evidence.

Scenarios test your controls, validating their presence and posture using the same behaviors the adversary employs so you can be confident your program works as you intended.

The AttackIQ platform provides a variety of insights for technical operators and executives alike. No longer is your security program a “black box” or managed by wishful thinking, AttackIQ produces threat-informed knowledge in reports and dashboards on a continuous basis.

Safe to Run on Production

Our lightweight agents and architecture make it possible, without a PhD or unintended exposure to the adversary. Be up and running in days, not months, with our superior SaaS approach.

Deep Scenario Library

AttackIQ houses the largest MITRE ATT&CK-aligned library of known adversary behaviors. Extend the foundation easily with the platform’s API-first approach to create your own scenarios. 

Incredibly Intuitive

Upgrade your insight into the performance of your defenses in a beautiful, responsive SaaS interface designed for maximum signal-to-noise. Stop drowning in a “sea of red”.

AttackIQ Solutions

The AttackIQ Security Optimization Platform provides at least 26 threat-informed, data-driven solutions for a security organization.

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The automated platform helps red teams to be more efficient; they can run automated testing operations at scale and benefit from the rich performance data that scaled automation brings.

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AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform can enable the Security Operations Center to anticipate, prepare, and hunt for threats that may affect the enterprise.

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Teams can use the AttackIQ platform to assess all of the security technology sensors within an enterprise, including the event logs, the network security controls, and the SIEM, to ensure that the technology works as it should.

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AttackIQ Platform Features



AttackIQ is a founding research partner of the MITRE Center for Threat Informed Defense (CTID), where ATT&CK resides. We are committed to providing the broadest and deepest coverage of the ATT&CK framework and integrating ATT&CK-based toolsets and workflows. Our ATT&CK-based adversary emulation plans incorporate framework visualizations in the plan and in reporting options.

Flexible Open Architecture

Supports both SaaS and on-premises deployments and full application programming interface (API) workflows. Customers can leverage the platform’s intuitive web-based user interface or create, customize, and execute tests and extract results via the API.

AttackIQ Scenario Library

With the most comprehensive library of curated ATT&CK scenarios, the AttackIQ SOP is powered by both our dedicated content team and customers submissions. Users can select from over 2000 scenarios that provide coverage for enterprise and cloud-based requirements.

Easily Customizable Attack Scenarios

The AttackIQ SOP is an open-system testing platform, and all content in our scenario library is available for customers to download and modify. Security analysts can easily modify python-based scenarios to create custom tests for proprietary requirements, uploading any scripts in python, bash, or PowerShell for the platform.

Close-loop Integrations

Provides seamless integration to most commercial security controls and a query builder software development kit (SDK) to integrate with proprietary systems and data. Leverages closed-loop integrations to facilitate access to organizational dashboards and to the alert feeds of systems under test. Provides significant insights into product misconfigurations and  prevention and detection capabilities.

Remediate with Actionable Insights

Gives detailed analysis of protection failures and actionable insights into rapid remediation.  Quickly identify gaps and facilitates remediation before the adversary can take advantage of misconfigurations.

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Security Control Optimization Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK

Are your security controls optimized for success? Tune in to our on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts about how to gain visibility into your security controls and ensure your program is not only effective but efficient.

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